Days 16/17

Day 16 was a fasting day. It’s getting easier but still takes discipline. Especially when you work in an office with vending machines and holiday treats all around! I have learned to stay in my cubicle on those days!

Coffee, water, green tea and broth. That’s it.

I started feeling lightheaded after work and had a light dinner. Just a small serving of grilled chicken with brown rice was enough to get me through.

Day 17 is a normal eating day! Thank you Lord! But it’s not a day to go overboard on things I shouldn’t eat. So it began with a veggie egg white omelette with black coffee for breakfast. Kale salad with grilled chicken for lunch. And dinner is undecided at the moment but I’m thinking CoreLife sounds amazing !!


Workouts have been less this week but the next few days will be intense!

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