The challenge continues…

I have been able to stay on task with the challenge for the last three days.

Sunday was a partial fasting day and it was a good day. I think I’m starting to get used to it. One thing I’ve noticed while fasting, is I tend to be cold. That is not the norm for me! But I researched it and it seems to be normal.

Monday and Tuesday were normal eating days and today I have made an accomplishment. After our work meeting where decadent snacks are always provided, I was able to walk away without taking one. I think that’s a first! I am loving the fact that I’m not consuming as much sugar as I usually do. And I’m not craving it either. Well, not too bad.

I found a new favorite at CoreLife! They have a chipotle chicken tortilla broth bowl! It has a kick! But I like it like that! 🌢 And it is acceptable on my plan! Yummy wholesome food that is filling and loaded with nutrients.

CoreLife eatery- chicken chipotle tortilla broth bowl! Yum!

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