Race Recap – St Jude Memphis Half Marathon 12/1/18

The race of the year. My bucket list race. For the kids. Proud to be a St Jude Hero and running this race the first time.

My training was not exactly on target. I did manage to get a 10-mile training run in a week before the race. Thankful for that! I could have done better…much better. I’ve always had trouble sticking to the training plan with work, family, gym, etc. This race was no different. I trained but didn’t get enough long runs under my belt.

The race experience was phenomenal. So much energy, support and excitement even though the race was delayed for rain. Once the rain moved out, it was a beautiful day! It was the warmest run I’ve ever had in December with lots of sunshine!

The course was enjoyable- especially running through the campus of St Jude Childrenโ€™s Hospital. To see the kids and families out cheering for us was inspiring and emotional.

Now for the bad part. The run for me was difficult. And I caused it. I made some mistakes. But that’s how we learn, right?

First of all, I didn’t pack my water bottles for my hydration belt. So, you guessed it. I didn’t have water to carry on the course. Not very smart. I don’t do many destination races, and didn’t plan well.

Secondly, I was severely dehydrated. This was caused by intermittent fasting that I did two days before the race. I researched this after the race, realizing what a mistake I had made. Without water on the course, I had to get water at every water station I passed. I’m thankful they had plenty of them. If not, I’m sure I would not have finished. I felt good until the halfway point, started walking at mile 8 and it got worse at mile 10. My feet began to hurt and I knew I hadn’t trained enough. I began to stiffen up shortly after crossing the finish line. This one hurt.

Even with the issues, I was able to cross the finish line. It was almost my slowest half marathon to date. 3 hours and 48 min. My time isn’t important but finishing is my main goal. I was hoping to have a good run and maybe even PR, but finishing is enough for me. I was able to get there and make it to the finish – and I learned some things in the process. Plus I ran into some friends on the course and we finished together!

Overall it was a great experience and I’ll definitely run as a St Jude Hero again. Next time I will be more prepared and utilize my training plan. I will not be undertrained or dehydrated for a race again.

Thanks Memphis for a great race weekend! See ya next year!

Thankful for the finish line

Feeling good at mile 2/3

When in Memphis….

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