Day 7 of the challenge

Day 7 was a regular meal day within the guidelines.

I managed to stay on track all day. But I did get hungry in the afternoon. I blame that on a light less filling breakfast. Mental note: eat a good breakfast!

Lunch was one of my prepared meals from PaleoWorks- the food prep service I use. They keep me within my macros without skimping on taste. I had a serving of Chicken Pomodoro with spaghetti squash.

Dinner was a yummy bowl from CoreLife! I am loving being able to try so many different options on their menu while staying on the plan.

The workout of the day was a warmup on the treadmill with my daughter and gym buddy and day 4 of the Strong4byV challenge. The challenge was learning V-ups! Then we did a circuit of upper and lower body resistance training.

How do I feel? Awesome. I have less bloating from removing sugar and gluten from my diet and able to get my protein from food instead of shakes.

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