Day 4 of the challenge

It’s Saturday, half marathon day and day 4! I managed to make healthy choices today even though we are out of town and running a half marathon.

My race was the highlight of my day. It was tough especially after mile 10, but I managed to get to the finish line. No records were made today but finishing is the most important part. It was warmer than usual after the rain delay that pushed back the start an hour. I felt dehydrated most of the race and it affected my performance.  I am thankful to be a finisher.

Food was tricky since fueling for races is different. I feel that I did okay in my choices. Fajitas without tortillas and egg whites with fruit were two of my restaurant meals. Breakfast was oatmeal with nut butter and black coffee. I burned a ton of calories with my race so I should be in a calorie deficit.

One more day and we are back home where eating is much easier than relying on restaurants for healthy choices.

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