Day 3 of the challenge

I made it through the day of fasting! Yay! It was easier than I expected but I was happy to eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast!

Day 3 is eating the recommended guidelines of vegetables, fruit and protein. After fasting yesterday, I was able to stay focused on good wholesome food! I could have slipped and ate whatever but my mindset is determined to stick to it. Plus, I feel great!!! Removing sugar from my diet is very noticeable and a good thing! Energy levels are higher and I’m more focused on tasks.

Today was a traveling day to Memphis where I will be until Sunday. The struggle will be to stay on my plan while out of town. I packed a few things and stopped at CoreLife on the way out of town for a bowl to carb load for the St Jude Half Marathon.

I managed to stay on task today. The hard part is fueling for a half marathon without pasta but so far so good! Updates to follow tomorrow!!!

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