Sunday Funday

Sunday has become my normal long run day. In six days I will be running the St Jude half marathon in Memphis. I have looked forward to this race all year. I can’t believe it’s almost here! Today I ran 10 miles and felt good about it. Here I come Memphis! I’m ready!!!

I also dedicate Sunday to planning my week, meals, workouts and what I plan on focusing on. This week I start a challenge with CoreLife Eatery to eat healthier and workout in order to lose fat and prepare for the holidays by focusing on healthy living. I’ll get the details soon but from what I can tell it will be similar to the Whole 30 plan I have done before. I didn’t prep many meals for this reason. I want to wait to get the details to make sure I am on track with the plan. I am excited about this challenge since I have gained a few pounds and need to mix things up. This challenge also includes trainers and local gyms offering their services. I’m keeping my trainer, Tony G I’ve had for 2 years, but may give some of these places a try! Barre, kickboxing, personal trainers and Orangetheory are available to name a few. I can’t wait to get started! Updates will follow!

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