New Challenges

woman girl silhouette jogger
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I’m a week out from my next challenge. I have been asked to participate in a challenge group with CoreLife Eatery in my town. I will follow the plan that includes meal plans and workouts and blog about my progress. This comes at a good time for me since I have plateaued in my progress and it’s almost holiday season- a struggle for us all!

I have been looking at my food log and even though I have been tracking for over 1000 days in My Fitness Pal, there can be improvements. Am I totally honest when I track? I’d like to think so, but it’s easy to mistake the serving size and then you’ve been inaccurate.

Workouts are usually on point. But they could be more consistent, intense, harder, etc. Running is usually fairly consistent, since I’m training for the St Jude half marathon in a few weeks. More strength training, HIIT, would be good.

I’m anxious to get the plan details so I can crush this challenge!!!

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