2018 – New Year/New Goals

Last year I had BIG goals…such as completing a marathon. I felt very accomplished by doing that. In comparison, this year may not be quite as exciting. But I do have a few things I want to do. And since its the year I turn 50, I want it to be EPIC!

For starters, I want to get my diet back on track. The holidays wrecked my eating plan and while training for the marathon, I became addicted to carbs again. The bad ones. Cake, bread, pasta. So, I will do the #whole30 to detox for the new year. It will be my third round, but I’ve never finished it for a full 30 days. It has been the best way I have found to get the sugar cravings under control.

Secondly, I will complete my Group Fitness Instructor training with ACE. I already have two Zumba certifications completed, Zumba Basic 1 and Strong by Zumba. I want to continue what I have started so I can do what I love.

Third, I want to transition my career from finance/accounting to full time fitness. This is a daunting task since the salary isn’t really comparable. I have jumped around from job to job over the past 4 years and wondered why I can’t find a job I like. It finally dawned on me that I am going from one job I dislike to another one….over and over. I have decided that it is important to have a career that makes me happy. And fitness is the one thing that I am passionate about.

Fourth, I want to keep running, lifting weights, dancing, HIIT, and keep moving!


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