Gluten free is the new me!!!

There is hope. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally have lost a few pounds! I have tried to lose weight for at least 3 years with very little results. Even with running and eating a healthy diet- there was no change on the scale.

But I have tried the Paleo lifestyle and it is working! I always wondered about gluten free. What is gluten and why are people avoiding it??? I’m learning about it now. I wasn’t sure how I would do with no dairy either. But it hasn’t been bad. I love almond and coconut milk and those are allowed. I’m trying new recipes and eating clean. Real food tastes so fresh and crisp. Have I been eating processed food so long that I forgot how good real food is? The only problem so far is limiting sugar, or specifically sweets like cookies and cake. But wait! There’s recipes for Paleo desserts too!!! 😊

I’m happy by the results so far and the way I feel. I have energy and feel great!

I’m also trying new forms of exercise, even though I’m still running. Tonight I did Taebo and loved it! I’m also doing HIIT training and enjoy that too! Well not the burpees!

How’s February treating you so far? Any Paleo followers? Please share tips and recipes!!!



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