I Love the 80s!!!

This is the 5k I did this weekend! The Footloose 5k. It was great to dress up in 80s fashion! And my first time wearing a tutu!
Flashback to my high school days….




It was held at a local brewery for JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Free beer was given after the race!



Here’s my dilemma: I was somewhat offended to see a group of girls take shortcuts on the race course several times. The race was not chip timed and was for charity so I suppose I should let it go. But it made me think about how many dishonest people there are in the world. Not just those that would cheat on a race, but people cheat on their taxes, lie without a second thought and take credit for others ideas. I voiced my opinion on the Facebook event page, but my post was deleted. I then proceeded to send a private message to the organizer. I was told they didn’t want the negative comments on their event page since this was their first year of this event. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. When is cheating okay???? Maybe I’m more upset because I’m a Christian and an auditor. I am faced with fraud, thieves and liars with my job. My profession has very high ethical standards and this stretches to my personal life as well.

Overall, it was a fun race and I enjoyed dressing up! The beer was good too!!! 🍻

What are your thoughts about cheating?

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