My First 10k

My goal to run a 10k is done! ✅ This race was a stepping stone to the Middle Half in October. It felt great to finish even if I was almost last. It made the 13.1 miles seem doable. Yes it will be hard. But I want this!!!
It was hot and humid in Tennessee this morning. I poured water on my head several times during the race. That felt great! My sister and brother in law ran the 5k. I’m very proud of them!
My injured foot held up fairly well. No pain until mile 5. I bought a few items to help my foot at Fleet Feet- Super feet insoles and a Feetures sleeve for Plantar fasciitis (plus a water bottle, 10k magnet for my car and Nuun tablets for hydration)! They seemed to help! I’m thankful for that!!
I treated myself to a massage after the race and dinner at Five Guys!!! Nice!
Here are some pics!! Enjoy!






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