5 Benefits of Meditating after Workout

hungry and fit

So you just worked out. Youโ€™re hot, sweaty, and feel that euphoric sense of exhaustion. Your endorphins have just released and you feel great. Youโ€™re ready to go get something to eat to fuel your body back to what it needs. But wait! Donโ€™t go anywhere yet! Meditating after a workout can be one of the most wonderful things. Hereโ€™s why:

1. Working out can help clear your mind. Youโ€™re exhausted, but through that exhaustion and endorphin-release, you can now focus easier. You may not believe me, but meditation after a workout is something I strive for every day. Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ve heard of how working out can improve the mindโ€™s function. Well, here it is. You workout, your mind is working more sharply, allowing you to focus more easily and delve into meditation more deeply.

photo 2 (31)

2. You can find happiness faster. Sounds like a strange phrase, but meditation oftenโ€ฆ

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