Cheat and Splurge day

I had good intentions today. I planned on going to Golds Gym to walk/run a few miles on the treadmill after 4 days if resting my foot. I planned on going to swim and/or do some pool running today. But I didn’t.

I slept late, which has become normal since I became unemployed. Since my hubby works late, it’s easier for me to adjust to his sleep schedule. I don’t like how it makes me feel. Lazy. My new job will start soon and I look forward to a normal schedule again.

Instead of going to the gym, my daughter and I went to Victorias Secret. I’ve been many times with her but in all those times I had never tried on a bra there. I thought it was ridiculous to pay $40-$50 for a bra. But today I did. It was heavenly. I’m still questioning the cost, but I managed to buy two. I’ll be watching for coupons the next time I go. We did come out with a cute tote bag in addition to a free pair of panties!!! Can you believe no pics of my visit to VS?

After shopping, unsure that we could afford dinner, we went to Jim N Nicks BBQ. It’s one of our favorite places! I glanced through the menu and something caught my eye. Georgia peach sangria. A pitcher was cheaper than individual drinks, so we got one. I also had a baked potato with pulled chicken and their famous cheddar biscuits. I cannot tell you how many biscuits I had. They are small but I’m definite that I had too many! I know it’s normal to splurge from eating healthy once in a while. The meal was delish and the sangria was wonderful. No regrets!




I have a date with Golds Gym in the morning so I’m hitting the rack early tonight. πŸ’€


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