Running Gratitude


Do you remember who motivated you to start running? I think about my mentor often since I am training for my first half. πŸ‘£
It began around 1987. I had recently started college and met a great friend, LW. I remember going to the track for the first time as he taught me how to run. Yes it was hard at first, but I was able to do it!!! It was an amazing feeling to be able to run and increase my distance. Thanks to LW for inspiring me to start something I had no idea I could do. Now it is my passion. I took a long break from running while having kids, finishing college, working, etc.,but I’m thankful to be back at it today. At 45, its not as easy as it was at 19. But its worth it!!
I don’t know where LW is now. He isn’t on social media to my knowledge. If I could talk to him today, I would tell him “Thank you.” I’d show him some of my race pictures and hope he would be proud. I’d expect some running tips from him. I sometimes wonder if he is still running today. Maybe I’ll run into him at a race someday. 😊
It would be nice to share my running goals with him, but I have lots of family, friends, blogs and Facebook groups that motivate me each day. Thanks to you too! πŸ’•
I’m slow but I refuse to stop! Even with plantar fasciitis and the heat from Tennessee. I will finish the half marathon. I will keep training. I will not stop.
Thanks LW – You have changed my life!


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