Home Remedies

Have you ever tried home remedies for sinus, allergies, etc? I have been struggling for a month with extreme allergy problems. It seems most of my friends and family also have problems with allergies that live in Tennessee. A friend gave me a home remedy to try and since I’ve taken a multitude of OTC meds without any relief, I decided to give it a try.

Mix equal parts local honey and apple cider vinegar in a jar. Allow mixture to sit for three days while occasionally shaking container to mix. Then drink a shot glass full each morning and evening.

The first dose was interesting. I slowly opened the jar and inhaled the aroma of the vinegar. Ick! I quickly took a shot of the mixture while holding my nose. The taste isn’t as bad as the smell! Thank goodness! I can say that I do feel better after doing this for a few days.

I am also adding honey and cinnamon to my morning routine. I read that this will help with allergies and high cholesterol, too. And it’s yummy!

My dad claims a hot, steamy towel over your face will work. I’ve done that for sinus headaches and it does help if you can handle the hot towels without burning yourself! He also believes in the vinegar regimen, but I can’t seem to get past the smell of it.

Do you have any natural home remedies to share?

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