Stress less Saturday

After another long week, I wanted to spend my Saturday in relaxation mode. I got up early and planned on going for a run, but since it was freezing I decided to go to the gym. I also got a cool new shirt from my sister in law! Love it!!!

I had my coffee and my Kashi go Lean cereal with almond milk. Then I headed out. I had to stop at LensCrafters first to pick up my new contacts. I love them!

Then I arrived at Golds Gym. I grabbed a treadmill and started my workout. It was good except my Nike app quit working….I hate it when that happens!! But the treadmill stats are…



After my run, I used the weights for arms. After that I was ready to get home and eat!!

I made an egg white omelet with salsa and cheese that I put on whole wheat toast. Yummy!


After taking a shower, I relaxed in my chair and watched some college basketball! Gonzaga won today!!! They are 12-0 in the WCC!!


It feels good to do things I love on Saturday instead of working. I’m thankful for weekends so I can recharge my battery! β€πŸ€πŸ·πŸ˜˜


How do you unwind after a crazy week!

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