The Healing Tree

Celebrating Life with Gratitude

What one word would you think is a powerful attitude changer?



I propose it is one of the core foundations of life. When operating out of a grateful heart, the universe expands in its indiscriminate wish to bless. It changes our perspective and allows little gems of grace to find their way into our hearts.

You’ll find from the first small step, your life groove shifts. If you are someone who struggles with negativity, depression, or anxiety this merge into more thankfulness can dispel those nagging  blues. If your circumstances look bleak, your relationships lace luster, again, a directional change into gratitude could be the key you’re searching for.

Start small in recognizing blessings, write them down and say them out loud.  Maybe it’s a hug from a friend, a smile from a stranger at the grocery store or something as seemingly small as…

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