Mom needs a break!

I’m on day two of my vacation – and I’m needing a break! Not many people make a “to-do” list for vacation, but I feel the need to be productive.πŸ“ I have issues! I have already cleaned my closet to swap out winter clothes for summer clothes. As you can see, Tiger wanted to help! I rearranged my garage to organize my exercise equipment. Now that those tasks are out of the way, I’m ready to relax!!! πŸŒ…

Tonight, I sent myself to my room or my “mom cave” for solitude. I did agree to let Channing Tatum in though. I watched Magic Mike and blocked out the noise on the other side of my door. I lit my candles and snuggled up in my bed in my comfy flannel pj’s and enjoyed the movie. I would have liked a glass of Merlot, but unfortunately there’s none in the house! 🍷

Now it’s time for some yoga before bed and hopefully I’ll feel recharged in the morning. What should I do tomorrow? Hmmmmm…




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