Veterans Day & Marine Corps Birthday weekend

What a wonderful weekend! My husband is a Marine and I work in a Veterans nursing home so Veterans Day is a special time at our house. We are very patriotic and enjoy honoring the service men and women of the United States. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Saturday was the Marine Corps birthday and I spent the day with my daughter hiking around Stones River National Battlefield. I like walking there and it gave me a chance to share some history with my kiddo about the Civil War. It was a beautiful day in Tennessee! β˜€



On Sunday, I participated in a Fallen Soldiers March in a nearby town. I had friends that walked 30 miles! I completed 7. One thing I did notice, is the last time I did this march two years ago, I was exhausted and felt completely out of shape! I was out of breath walking up hills. But now I feel great! I’m a little sore but otherwise feel wonderful! It feels great to see a difference in my breathing!




The best way to relax after a busy active weekend is a glass of vino and a soak in Epsom salt,


My profile on Daily Mile said I completed 13 miles last week! Now if I can just complete 13.1 at one time! I see a new goal in my future…


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