Monday Eve

The weekend was too short. Even though I took Friday off, it doesn’t seem like it should be Monday yet. And now since daylight savings time changed last night, it’s already dark outside at 5:50 pm. I’m getting sleepy…

I managed to get a good running workout in on Saturday. Three miles in my neighborhood on a sunny Saturday morning. I’m thinking of starting a half marathon training plan on November 13. I’ve done 5ks for a while now and need to push myself a little further. Ive been afraid of increasing my running distance, but I think its time. I found a workout on the Runkeeper app that I will try. 😊


I also made my first pot of turkey chili for this year. It was a hit while watching college football. After having two 5ks over the past two weekends, it was nice to stay home with my family.

Now it’s time to plan for the week ahead. Meals and workouts are planned. I know this week will be busy at work but I’m not worried. I will be able to deal with whatever is thrown at me! πŸ’ͺ

I told my daughter I would watch The Walking Dead with her tonight. Wish me luck!!!😁

Have a great healthy and fit week!!!

Join me in the November challenge of 30 hours of activity in the month on Facebook. This is a great motivational page!



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