New week New goals

It’s a new week and I’m thinking about the week ahead. I have some things I want to accomplish this week. So here they are:

• leave work on time instead of being the last to leave
• get back to the gym and get at least three good running workouts done this week.
• strive for balance between family, work, and fitness

My coming up events include The Color Run on October 21 followed by The Komen Race for the Cure on October 27. I was hoping to be in better shape by now, but I’m confident that I will do well.

My training has been hindered by my new job responsibilities and after being told by a chiropractor that I shouldn’t run. I have to find balance. I have to find time for me and my fitness goals. Salaried employees often work longer hours than others especially in the field of accounting. But after last week, I know that working 50+ hours is ridiculous. Especially if it takes away from my fitness goals, which is what keeps me sane! 😊


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