Smoky Mountain Anniversary

Great Smoky Mountains!

We just returned from a wonderful weekend in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg Tennessee. We were celebrating our six year anniversary at the place we got married! We hiked, saw some bears, toured a winery, ate some wonderful food and relaxed in our romantic cabin in the mountains.

Friday ~ Our first stop was to eat lunch at The Old Mill Restaurant. We had a few hours until we could check in at our cabin, so this was the perfect thing to do. We always enjoy this place. They have home cooked food and my hubby loves the Chicken and dumplings. They also serve corn chowder and corn fritters with every meal. This is awesome! Before I ever tried it, I didn’t think it sounded very appetizing, but after the first taste, I was hooked!

After lunch we stopped by the wedding chapel where we exchanged our vows six years ago. We took a quick picture in front of the chapel. Good memories!

We checked into our cabin from Kimble Rentals and it was adorable! The name of the cabin is Passion Pointe – a perfect place to spend an anniversary or honeymoon! It’s just the perfect size for two people with a heart shaped jacuzzi tub and hot tub on the deck and romantic decor.

The first hike we did was at Clingman’s Dome, the highest elevation in Tennessee. We drove up to the area and the views were awesome from here, but we wanted to hike up to the lookout tower. It was .5 miles but very steep. The climbing elevation was over 300 feet! I had to stop several times to catch my breath. I was very pleased when we made it to the top. The views were breathtaking! And it felt great to make it to the top even though it was a strenuous hike.

Saturday ~ We began our Saturday by driving to a nearby flea market – one of my hubby’s favorite things to do! We saw lots of interesting things. I made a small purchase of some Avon supplies and a few key chains that were made out of bottle caps with NFL sports teams on them for my nephews. Total amount spent…$12.00

Then we went to the Mountain Valley Winery. I have never been to a winery before and since I am a wine lover, this is something i really wanted to do. It was a nice experience, tasting several types of wine and buying a bottle for us to enjoy.

We went to lunch at one of our favorite places in the area, Bullfish Grill. We fell in love with this place several years ago and we always make a point to return. One of our traditions is to take a picture with the bull statue outside the restaurant! We ordered Spicy Shrimp as our appetizer (very yummy!) and I had the Strawberry Grilled Chicken salad (delish!) If you visit the area, you should definitely try this place!

We went on a few more hikes after lunch. We drove around Smoky Mountain National Park to find places to explore. The park is an awesome place to visit. The mountain views are lovely and we even saw a few bears! This was a first for us. We visit here several times a year but this is the first time we saw bears. This was one of the coolest things ever! Many people got out of their cars to snap pictures, but we kept our distance! Some crazy guy was clapping his hands to get the bears’ attention, but he didn’t get attacked like I thought he would.

We stopped off at a local English pub after our drive. The name of the place was Sherlock Holmes. I had a Guinness and we shared some potato skins. It was a nice place with photos of The Beatles and music playing to enjoy.

We returned to our cabin to watch some Tennessee football and to enjoy our hot tub! I had a great idea…if we were to move the tv around, we could watch from the hot tub! It worked for us.

Sunday~ We visited the national park again on Sunday and we drove past Clingman’s Dome over into Cherokee, North Carolina. I visited there when I was a small child but didn’t remember much about it. The main attraction in Cherokee is Harrah’s Casino. We stopped there to check it out. We are not gambling people, so we didn’t even spend a dime there! Hard to believe…I know!

Sunday was our actual anniversary, so we decided to go out for a nice dinner. We really wanted Italian food but there weren’t very many Italian places to choose from, except pizza places. But they did have an Olive Garden, so that’s what we chose. We had a nice dinner, some wine and pumpkin cheesecake!Β  I have fallen in love with the taste of pumpkin and the cheesecake was a delicious ending to a wonderful day!

Monday~ We checked out of our cabin and headed off to find breakfast. We stopped at one of our favorite places, Flapjacks. They had a healthy menu, but since we are on vacation, I stuck with country ham and biscuits and scrambled eggs. I usually order pancakes but this time I tried something different. But my hubby was nice enough to let me have one of his!

We headed home after a wonderful weekend celebrating our love. I must say this has been one of the most enjoyable vacations so far! I’m so glad my hubby likes to hike and enjoys the outdoors. I love our active life! There’s something about breathing in the mountain air and waking up to the sound of birds chirping and other sounds of nature. I hope you enjoy my slideshow of our memories from the Smoky Mountains. I have also included a few links below if you are interested. If you ever get a chance to visit this area, I would highly recommend it!

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Bullfish Grill

The Old Mill

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Kimble Rentals – Pigeon Forge Cabins

Mountain Valley Winery

Flapjacks Pancake Cabin

Clingman’s Dome

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