Wacky weekend

It’s been a fun filled weekend! πŸŽ‚We started our weekend on Friday night with a birthday dinner for Whitney at her favorite place, Cheddars! Having an 18 year old is sort of weird! I guess I’ll eventually get used to it.


My favorite dish there is an Asian shrimp and chicken salad with peach flavored tea. It is so yummy!!

Saturday morning began with an intense Body Pump workout at my gym. I love it! πŸ’ͺ

Since we have a birthday party Saturday night, I knew I had to get my workout done early. I’m loving my motivation to keep working out even when I’m busy.

When I got home, there was plenty of work to do. Cleaning, cooking treats, and transforming my house into a vampire themed party! Whitney loves True Blood so we went with lots of candlelight, red sheets draped over our furniture and red velvet cupcakes with blood red punch. My sister and I enjoyed dressing to the theme with temporary tattoos and all!





We also played rock band…one of our favorite things to do!! 🎀




We also did the normal birthday stuff like opening gifts and blowing out candles.



It’s been a fun weekend, but now it’s time to prepare for my week. Plan meals, workouts, grocery shopping and get my house back in order!

I hope your weekend has been a blast!!


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