I’ve been working out with some of my friends for almost a month now. We are working with a trainer once a week, and working out on our own for several days with each other. It’s been great! It’s also been very hard! I thought I was in good or decent shape when I took on this adventure, but it appears as I have not been working out to my full potential. Yeah, I’ve done more 5k’s than I care to mention, but never have I ran the entire distance without walking. The first workout with our trainer was an eye opener! Our first workout was working our legs. I had no idea lifting weights could cause my heart rate to increase so much! Note: this is really the first time I’ve used weights, except for my 10 lb hand weights at home… I really didn’t think I could finish the workout, but after being nudged by the trainer….I did. I was extremely sore 2 days after this insane workout! But the soreness passed and even though my coworkers enjoyed joking with me about the groans when I would get up from my desk and try to walk down the hall, I was very glad to be able to walk without pain.

The routine has continued for a few weeks now. I’ve received a meal plan from our trainer which includes only good carbs, protein and healthy fats. I am accustomed to the plan now and it seems to be working. I have lost 8 lbs so far. This may seem like a small milestone for some, but those who know me remember that I’ve struggled with the weight game for several years now. I lose 2 pounds and gain 4….what a frustrating game! I’m thankful that I’ve found something that is working for me. Even though the workouts are hard and I’ve referred to our trainer as “the devil”, I know that something I’ve wanted for so long is within my reach now. I am almost sure that by losing a few more pounds, I should be able to run easier. And the strength training is making me stronger. (I was even able to beat my husband at bowling a few weeks ago…a first!)

So thanks to my trainer for pushing me even when I want to quit and teaching me about the science of weight loss….thanks to my workout buddies for motivating me to go to the gym when I don’t feel like it….and thanks to my family for supporting me!

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