I’ve been working out with my BFF for a week now. We joined Gold’s Gym and are loving it! We decided to work out with a trainer and even though I refer to him as my worst nightmare….I’m glad we did it. Our legs were extremely sore last week after our first workout. We both work in my office and we could hardly walk to the copier! But now that the soreness is gone, we have worked out 3 days in a row this week…I think that’s a record for me. We have been doing cardio for 30-45 minutes and 30 minutes of strength training. We are following the diet plan our trainer recommended and feel great. It’s amazing how much energy we have had this week. We are now known in the office as “Workout-aholics”!

One thing I did notice after working with the trainer is that I have not been working out at the intensity I should have been. I’ve been walking/running for several years now, but at a rather slow pace. I haven’t pushed myself to the limit. But now that I have seen the light, I am making a special effort to pump up the intensity.

In addition to a new gym, I also have a new phone…the Iphone 4s. I’m loving that also! I missed having a smart phone to post pictures and blog posts on the go. Now if I can just figure it out, I’ll be happy. Maybe my teenager can help with that.

Have a great weekend!


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