Tips for Busy Runners

Sometimes I have a hard time getting my scheduled runs done each week. As an accountant, we generally multi-task and have lots of deadlines that causes stress. I’m also a mom, grandma, and outside of work I am studying for an accountant certification exam, the Certified Management Accountant exam. I’d love to have more free time for running, but I did choose accounting as my career. And I don’t have any regrets for that. However, I do not remember any professors in college telling us how stressful this career can be!

I found this article that may be helpfulΒ  Tips for Busy Runners

I don’t intend on letting my busy schedule dictate my personal life, but sometimes it is difficult when responsibilities get in the way. I usually take my workout clothes with me to work in hopes that I will be able to make it. But every so often work gets busy and I end up working late, kids have things for me to do that I didn’t plan for, or after working all day I’m so tired that I can’t even imagine doing anything but going home.

It does help when I have a race scheduled. So maybe this is the answer for me! I’ve tried running in the morning before work, but that is difficult for me. I try to workout more on the weekends, if I miss some of my workouts during the week.That works well, except working out after work is a great stress reliever. If I have had a busy day at work, running helps me relax and leave my busy schedule behind.

I recently watched a webinar titled “Work and Life Balance”. This was an eye opener for me. I found that sometimes I bring my busy schedule on myself. I have started “unplugging” more from the computer and phones especially when I am off work. I have been notorious for bringing work home with me. I have refrained from bringing my work laptop home on weekends. That’s a start! It’s amazing how we bring stress on ourselves.Β  I’m working on that….

How do you keep your workouts on track? Any advice?

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