It has been unbearably hot the last few days here in Tennessee. You know its hot when  The Weather Channel forecasts it to be in the 90’s and you are happy about it. It was 113 on Thursday. I don’t see how people work outdoors in this type of heat. We were hot yesterday when we took my daughter to get her senior portraits done. They take the casual pictures outside and we tried to get it done with out Whitney sweating too much. She spent the morning in the salon getting her hair fixed, then her sister did her makeup and I must say she looked stunning! I cannot wait until the proofs are ready!

Whitney – Senior Picture day!

July is here and time for cookouts, fireworks and spending time with family. July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, which I’m a little disappointed about since I usually try to take a long weekend around holidays. But instead, I am taking Monday off this week and I’ll get Wednesday off too. Since its been so hot and dry here, we don’t know yet if fireworks will be banned for the 4th.

I’ll spend the rest of my Sunday planning meals and workouts for the week, cooking for my family, and cleaning. My husband used to do most of the cooking, but now that he has started a new job, I’ll have to take over. I must say I enjoyed coming home after work to a home cooked meal, but I’ll manage somehow. 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday! And stay cool. 🙂

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