Hump Day!

After a busy 2 weeks working overtime, my life seemed to get back to normal this week and I made it back to the gym. πŸ™‚ I really missed working out. Hopefully things are back to normal now. It’s hot and humid here in Tennessee so my workouts will be at the gym for the most part. Bad news….my smart phone died last weekend. So I have reverted back to one of my older phones. No more fitness apps, no more easy access to Facebook and Twitter. I had gotten used to using technology to write blog posts and post my exercise and food log. Its back to the basics now. I started my food log this week using pen and paper. That’s cool though. I had gotten too addicted to my phone, apps and games. I need a break from technology for a while. It was nice working out without worrying about my phone battery dying and constantly checking my fitness stats.

So it’s Hump Day and we’re over halfway to Friday! Tomorrow I’m going back to the gym since I have a date with my hubby on Friday night! I’m thinking about trying a fitness class. My bag is already packed and ready to go. Planning ahead always helps me!

How’s your week going so far?


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