Cardio workouts – what’s your favorite?

What type of cardio workouts do you like? I love running, but sometimes I like to throw something different into the mix. I don’t have any running events scheduled for a while, so I’m trying to do some other things I enjoy.

My number one favorite cardio workout is Tae bo. It was popular in the 90’s but I still love it. I have quite a collection of Tae bo workout dvd’s to choose from. I actually had the pleasure of working out with Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae bo in Franklin, Tennessee a few years ago. I really wish my gym had Tae bo classes, but currently they don’t offer that.

My second favorite cardio workout is Zumba! It doesn’t even seem like a workout to me, but more like a party!! I have a Playstation 3 game but I prefer to attend classes at my gym. I’m looking forward to an event in June for benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I attended the Zumbathon last year and it was a blast!! Here’s info on the event from FacebookΒ  2nd Annual Zumbathon for Cystic Fibrosis

The next workout I want to try is BodyPump! I need to add some strength training to my workouts. Apparently, my doctor hopes that by doing this, I might be able to jump start my metabolism since I haven’t been able to lose much weight even though I’ve been working out like crazy and eating healthy. I feel great and now my cholesterol levels are under control. But the scale doesn’t change! I think running would be easier if I could drop a few pounds. I hope this works! Getting old really sucks sometimes!

What are your favorite workouts?

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