Saturday fun

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It’s Saturday! My husband and I got up early to go the the golf course to hit some balls and putter around.  We got our clubs out and dusted them off and set out for Cedar Crest Golf Club. It’s very hot and humid here in Tennessee so we got out as early as we could. The driving range is in a shaded area so that helped some. I am actually the one that suggested we play golf. I was surprised at myself for saying that out loud. 🙂 The last time we played, I remember being very frustrated. Golf is not really as easy as it looks. But I love a challenge! Today was better. I was actually able to hit some balls that weren’t too bad. Maybe sometime soon we will get to play. I’m glad we got out and decided to do something active today. And another plus….I was able to wear my running skirt that I haven’t had enough courage to wear before. 🙂 

Enjoy your weekend!

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