Eating healthy on the run

I usually pack a healthy lunch when I go to work, but I skipped my grocery store run on Sunday. Lazy…

I decided to get out of the office for lunch, so I went to Wendys. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Fast food is not a smart option. But they have some new menu items I wanted to try. I started off with a berry almond salad with grilled chicken with a rasberry vinagrette. I got the half portion.


It was very good. The dressing was fat free and total calories was around 350.

I also got a baked sweet potato. I adore these! It came with a cup of cinnamon butter. Lovely. I’m glad it came separate, so I didn’t have to use it all. The calories for this was about the same, 350.


So, I ate more calories than I usually do for lunch. But I must say, it was excellent. It was a little more expensive than the dollar menu, but a nice treat.

And I burned lots of calories at the gym, so there’s no guilt.

Do you know of any healthy items at fast food places? What do you do for eating on the run?

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