Family Reunion

We have a close family and that makes me happy. I believe family love and support is an important thing. I’m thankful my parents are still around for me to spend time with.

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Today was our annual family reunion at Henry Horton State Park . It was a great day with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc. I love hearing stories told by the older ones. My cousin shared information she has researched on on our genealogy. Apparently, we are from England and Ireland. That’s very interesting.

We played horseshoes – a family tradition. It’s usually a men’s only game, but this year the women joined in. I even gave it a try. Trainwreck! My uncle even thought my cousins and sister should join a league….is there such a thing? really?

We were happy to introduce my granddaughter, Phoenix to the family. We took turns holding her and walking around with her in her stroller.


And we ate some yummy food. I didn’t ruin my diet either. Lots of healthier things to choose from like salads and fruit.


Most of my family knows about my running from Facebook. I got many motivating comments from them today. And several of us discussed doing The Color Run in Nashville. I’m so excited about that! I’m also happy that I get tremendous support from my family. There were no comments about me being crazy from my running. Only positive vibes! I feel blessed to be able to see my family often and remember good times.

Do you have a big family and do you have reunions?

Me and my hubby, John


A game of Horseshoes!

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