Small Successes add up

I’ve had a busy, stressful week. But on a happy note, I have managed to do all of my planned workouts. Most weeks I slack off, but I was determined to stay on track this week.


I also tried my best to eat healthy. It helped knowing I had a doctors appointment this week to check my cholesterol. I brought my lunch every day and made sure I had healthy snacks too.


I’m proud of my progress this week and look forward to a run in the morning. I’ve worked up to running 8 minutes and walking 4. A year ago, I had trouble running 2 minutes. Look at me now!!


So here’s to a happy, healthy weekend! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Small Successes add up

  1. You look great (and happy) in that last picture! Way to go with the workouts, those blueberries make me want to pick some up today. I wonder if our summer farmer’s markets have started yet?


    1. Thanks!!! I admit I bought the blueberries at the grocery store but I’m going to check on the farmer’s market. I love getting fresh produce!!! Thanks for following my blog! Have a great weekend!


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