Mother’s Day celebration and feeling fat

It’s the day before Mother’s Day, but we usually take my mom out on Saturday so we can spend Sunday with our families. I have a list prepared for my daughters.

My sister and I took our mom to Outback for lunch. I had a California salad with grilled chicken and a tropical martini…..well actually two. It was yummy.

I joked with my sister that I would have the “diet” plate since I have been feeling fat all week. But the salad was nice.

My mom was treated to a dessert in honor of her birthday. I had a few bites.


I blame the feeling fat on having Dr Pepper this past week in excess. I had almost quit drinking soda all together. But I failed this week. I’m also frustrated with my weight not budging even though I am following a healthy diet and exercise plan. I count calories, under 1200 per day….I workout 4-5 times a week…..I get plenty of sleep…..but nothing. I have come to dread the weigh in days.

Plan: detox and workout harder. Stat!

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