I’m finding out that I’m a goal oriented person. I need to have goals, otherwise I get bored and lazy. I’m also very strong willed and unstoppable when I have a goal. As April comes to a close, I feel as if this is a good time to think about my future.

New goals on the horizon? I have a few. First, I want to begin running longer distances. After finishing the Country Music Mini Marathon, I’ve got the fever to start half marathon training. There are a few races un the fall I’m interested in. So, I’m going to start training tomorrow, May 1st. Suggestions from other runners would be appreciated!!!


Second, I’ve decided to further my accounting career by taking the CMA exam. (Certified Management Accountant) I know it will be tough, but I just love a challenge! I have registered for the program and received my study materials today.


These are the things I will focus on for the next few months. It feels good to have goals to accomplish. I know I can do anything I set my mind on, so here goes!

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