Great Strides for CFF walk

It’s Saturday morning and I just finished walking for a good cause, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. A  sweet lady at my church has this disease and we walked in her honor today. This is the second year I have done this charity walk. There was rain in the forecast, but luckliy we were able to walk without geting wet. They also provided us with large umbrellas, just in case.  I had been sick the last two days with a bad cold, so I wasn’t too sure if I would make it or not, but after sleeping for 16 hours straight, I felt much better. I didn’t try to run, only walk. I’m glad I made it. My mom went with us and I treated her to breakfast at Cracker Barrel after the walk. I also got meet one of my Facebook friends in person and am glad I did. Her husband has the disease and is going to run the Country Music Marathon next Saturday. What an accomplishment! There was a great article in our local paper about this.  You can read about it here…  CFF patient heads up Great Strides She also informed we there will be a Zumbathon again this year for this charity! Count me in!!!

Here are a few pictures from the walk today. Enjoy!

Our church group walking for CFF



Ready to Walk, rain or shine!

My CFF t-shirt

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