Run Cougar Run 5k


Good morning! It was a beautiful morning for a run. It was approximately 50 degrees and dry. I was able to get up without too much difficulty to get ready for the Run Cougar Run 5k. Here’s a few pics I took before the race. I wish I had taken some there, but hopefully I’ll find some later on Facebook to share.

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I made my cup of coffee in my Keurig brewer and ate an organic breakfast bar and headed out to MTCS, my high school. I saw a few friends when I got there and one of them reminded me that I’ve done enough 5k’s now to do a longer race such as a half marathon.Β  I love it when people motivate me! If only my foot would behave, I might believe it too. My right foot that I’ve sprained multiple times tends to go numb while running. It usually hits me after mile 2. I’m planning on consulting my doctor about this but I feel it may be some nerve damage.

The race was great! It was a mix between road and fields, something different for me. I started off strong and ran as long as I could without stopping. The field area was a little tough for me. I managed to keep up my walk/run intervals throughout the race – that’s something I try to do but haven’t done well lately at that. It seems like once I start walking, its hard to start running again. But I did. I managed to knock off a few minutes off my 5k pace. Thrilled about that!Β  I’m still slow, but getting stronger with each run.

Now, I’m definitely looking forward to the running club that starts on Monday morning. I’m hoping to improve my running by joining this club and meet others that have the same issues and frustrations as I do.


Now, its time to rest, relax and rejuvenate!Β  Have a great weekend!!



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