Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!


I started my day by attending church with my parents.Β  My granddaughter, Phoenix (pictured above) was so precious. She is a little too young for candy, so I just gave her a basket with a stuffed animal. Since she’s only 5 months old, I think that will do. But she did manage to get her picture made with the Easter bunny at my work on Friday. We tried to get her to smile….

It’s a beautiful day here in Tennessee. I have spent most of the afternoon sitting in the sun and listening to relaxation music. I’ve also used this time to reflect on my past and my future.


In a few hours I plan on taking a walk/jog to try out a new pair of running shoes. I hope they will work for me. I have 5k events lined up for the next three weekends. And I get to start that early morning running club this month. Woot!

I’ve had a fun weekend including spending some time with my sister while we celebrated my husband’s birthday. We love to play rock band! We even wore some 80’s rocker shirts! We spend most of Saturday shopping and I took my teenage daughter to the salon to get a drastic new look. She cut off enough hair to donate to Locks of Love! It’s nice to relax with family without thinking about work for a few days.

Girls Night!
The after haircut - 10 inches donated to Locks of Love

I hope you’ve had a Happy Easter!

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