Special Kids 5k

I almost overslept for the 5k. Hit the snooze too many times. Thats the bad thing about not being a morning person. But I made it to the start line on time. I’m glad the church where I parked had shuttle buses. Yay!

It was a nice morning to run. Cloudy and 60 degrees. I had a good start. I managed to keep running for a half mile without stopping. That’s good for me. I alternated walking and running the rest of the way. My right foot started giving me problems about halfway through the course. My foot, toes feels like they are going numb. But I didn’t let it stop me. I finished strong. I love running across the finish line. The best feeling ever!


I’m not sure about my finish time yet, but my tracker says :48. That’s a few minutes faster than my last 5k. I’m happy about that!

Now its time to relax and spend the afternoon with my daughter and her bff. Hunger Games anyone?

Question for runners: Have you ever experienced numbness in your feet while running? Any idea what causes it?

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