Hiking with my Hubby

We are spending the weekend in Gatlinburg, TN for spring break. I love it here! We are staying in a cabin with a hot tub and even video games! Anyone remember Ms PacMan or Galaga?


The cabin is very cozy. Did I say I love it here?


This morning, my hubby and I went for a hike at the Great Smoky Mountains National park. I packed a few snacks and got our maps ready.



We found two short hikes that were easy and fun. We even saw a deer! I tried to get a picture but he ran away.



There were lots of streams along the way. I love the sound of water. It’s so peaceful.


It was a fun morning and now that the workout is done, its time to eat! We had lunch at one of our favorite places, Bullfish Grill. I insist on taking pictures here every time.



It’s a great weekend so far, and its just Friday!

2 thoughts on “Hiking with my Hubby

    1. You are very welcome! We visit Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge several times a year and Bullfish Grill is one of our favorite places! We have always had wonderful service and the food is absolutely fabulous! Actually we are visiting the area very soon and will definitely come to Bullfish!


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