Kegs & Eggs 5k – Nashville, TN

It’s St Patrick’s Day and its time for my first 5k of 2012. I’m proud that I have kept up with my healthy eating and training this week.  I actually made it to the gym several times and got several running workouts in. But, I have been a little nervous about this race for 2 reasons. First, I have done most of my training on a treadmill since my last 5k. Running on the street is so much different than the treadmill.  Second, I felt like I gained a few pounds over the last month. More weight = harder to run. Today was definitely a wake up call for me to get back on track.

I signed up for this race because it sounds like so much fun! Everyone dresses up in St Patrick’s Day costumes, runs a few miles and ends the race by receiving a beer! I didn’t expect too much for this race, except to have fun.

I got up around 5:30 a.m. to get my race outfit on and make the 30 minute drive to Nashville. I even applied a temporary tattoo! My kids thought I overdid the costume. But it was fun anyway. The weather was perfect in Nashville. It was sunny and in the 60’s. I loved the outrageous costumes. I found out quickly that there are several hills in the Music Row area of Nashville.  So, after running up the first hill, I ended up having to walk for a good portion of the race. I ended strong, though. And I was not the last to finish either! I ended up finishing with a :51:15:9 time. This is slower than my last 5k, but I walked more for this one. Hills are not my friend. 🙂

My next 5k is in two weeks. I’m glad I have time to improve. My goal for the next few weeks is to run outside instead of on the treadmill. I like going to my gym, but for outdoor races it just doesn’t compare. If the weather cooperates here in Tennessee, I should be able to accomplish that with no problem.

Post race  pampering….I treated myself to a 30 minute leg massage at my favorite day spa this afternoon. I hope this helps my legs feel better. They were really tight during the race.

Below are some pictures of my race outfits and the t-shirt I received. It was a very fun day!

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