How do you stay fit?

What are your favorite ways to stay fit? My favorites are running, Zumba and Taebo.

Running makes me feel empowered. Nothing can compare to running across the finish line. It hasn’t come easy for me, but I love a challenge. I’m continually making new goals for myself and love the way I feel after completing a run.

Zumba is just simply FUN and its an easy way to stay fit without seeming like exercise. It’s also a great confidence booster. Watch out….I’m feeling sexy…Before joining a class, I purchased the PS3 version to do at home. It’s much more fun to do with a group – but I liked being able to learn the moves in the privacy ofΒ  my living room.

Taebo is an excellent way to burn calories and stress at the same time. I feel very STRONG when I do this. I’ve been a Taebo enthusiast for at least 15 years. I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Blanks, the creator of Taebo and his daughter Shellie at the Frankin Athletic Center a few years ago. They held a fundraiser for the Nashville area flood victims, so I eagerly joined. It was such a fun day! I’ll never forget the adrenaline that pushed me through to finish the 2 hour Taebo class.

It doesn’t matter what fitness activity you prefer, the goal is to stay fit no matter how you do it.


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