Spinning recap

What an intense workout! Spinning was fun with my friend Jennifer at our gym on Monday. I was happy that I was able to finish the workout without giving up. I did have some issues though.

  • after spinning for 45 minutes (and trying my best to keep up with the class) when I got off the bike, my legs were very weak. that is understandable since I’m not accustomed to spinning for that length of time or at that intensity. I felt like I would lose my balance when I tried to walk. My legs felt like jello. When I tried to take a few steps, I felt like I would fall on my face. This continued until I got home and several hours later.
  • the next day the soreness began to set in my muscles. First it was my my glutes (from sitting on the bike I’m sure) then my thighs. For the last two days, I have had trouble walking especially after sitting for longer than 30 minutes. It’s embarrassing to groan when I get out of my office chair.
  • i have tried massage, warm baths in epsom salt, and light stretching yet the soreness remains.
My pic BEFORE spinning….the after pic would not have been pretty!

Will I spin again? Yes, probably. I consulted one of the trainers at my gym for advice and they suggested that I may not have been hydrated enough. It is also possible that I don’t usually exercise at this intensity on a regular basis. I was shocked since I do exercise regularly and my legs are fairly strong since I run and bike several times a week. Next time, I will take it a little slower and easier. And make sure I’m hydrated and properly stretched/warmed up.

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