Are you keeping your resolutions for 2012?

The first week of January is almost over and I feel good about my resolutions. The first week of the year is usually easy since most people are motivated about their goals and resolutions. It’s the weeks that follow that are tough.

I did well this week for the most part. I didn’t eat any junk food, even though there is candy at work and snacks in my pantry. I brought healthy lunches to work everyday and didn’t drink any soda. I kept up my exercise appointments. I signed up for two 5k races in March. This one is on St Patrick’s Day and looks like so much fun! Kegs & Eggs 5k . The next one is a few weeks later. Special Kids Race . I made dinner for my daughter more this week than I usually do. So, I can say this week was a success.

Yes, it took more effort on my part. But it can be done. Even my cat, Tiger wanted to workout with me this week.

Keeping my resolutions/goals will get a little tougher over the weekend. I have to travel to Knoxville for work on Sunday. I find it difficult to eat healthy and exercise when I’m living out of a hotel. But I will definitely try!

How do you overcome challenges for keeping your fitness goals?

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