When life gets in the way….

When life gets in the way, I find it hard to stay on track regarding my fitness and training. If I didn’t work full time…if I wasn’t a full time mom….if I had more energy…IF.

How do you manage when life gets so busy that you begin slacking on healthy eating and you allow yourself to skip workouts? I find it frustrating sometimes, especially when work becomes more demanding. The last few weeks I have been traveling with work and working weekends. Every time I go out of town, I pack my exercise clothes, running shoes and other gear. But after working 12-14 hours, I find it very difficult to get those workouts in. Being in a different time zone doesn’t make it easier.

I tried to eat healthy while on the road, but that’s hard too. I work for a nursing home for Veterans and the food they serve there is enriched, to help the residents gain weight. So, packing healthy snacks and a case of water is usually what I do. But when things get busy and I’m going into starvation mode, its easy to settle for vending machine snacks.

I’m glad to be home and spend time with my family. I also need to get busy tackling these Christmas lists. I believe its only 10 days away.

I’m also determined to get back on schedule with my workouts. My gym bag is packed and ready to go. I have a date tomorrow with the gym and since I only have to work for a short time….there is no excuse!

What is your secret to staying on track with your fitness goals?

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