Thanksgiving 2011

I woke up thinking I was going to my race today. Instead, I woke up coughing and congested and really didn’t feel like I could make it. I was devastated. This was my last race of 2011 and I was feeling like a failure. The worst part of missing the race was my daughter calling me to let me know she was heading to the finish line to meet me. Too bad I wasn’t there. This was not the time for me to get sick.

After sulking for a few hours, I got up and got ready for our family dinner. It was a nice afternoon with my parents and my sister’s family. We even got a surprise visit from my granddaughter. That’s enough to brighten anyone’s day!

I must say that I was a little disappointed that my healthier options were not accepted by my family. I made a berry crumble that I found on the Dr Oz website. Here is the recipe…. Mixed Berry Crumble

I thought it was fine, but just mentioning that it was a healthier version of a fruit cobbler made them refuse to try it. I’m used to eating meals with lower sugar and fat but my family is not there yet. I wanted to make some things that my parents could eat without worrying about their blood sugar, since they have been recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My dad is more on board with watching his sugar intake than my mom. She still eats whatever she wants. My sister’s family feels that they should be able to eat whatever they want and do not agree with me in trying to make healthier dishes. The seven layer salad I made was a hit, as it usually is. I’m glad about that. I also made a pumpkin spice cake but it didn’t stand a chance against my sister’s multiple desserts consisting of a coconut cake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cookies and boiled custard. If you are not familiar with the boiled custard, it is probably more of a southern tradition. It’s basically a mixture of milk, eggs and sugar boiled until it is thick. It’s good but way too sweet for me. Since, its Thanksgiving I don’t feel right complaining so much. I just feel disappointed that some people not only don’t want to try new things, but tease me for trying. Gripe session is now over. πŸ˜‰

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed your time with your family.

Question of the day….How do you incorporate healthy dishes on holidays? If your family isn’t ready to try healthier dishes, how do you deal with that?

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