Running goals to finish 2011 strong

I try not to compare my running to others that are more experienced than me. But sometimes its hard to do. A friend ran her first 5k in 30 minutes today and it made me feel….rather discouraged. I have been very happy over the past few months, watching my 5k pace become faster with each race. I went from walking/running a 5k in 50 minutes to my current pace of 46 minutes. But, I still have a long way to go. I know each person is different and we all have different activity levels. As long as I continue to improve, I WILL NOT get discouraged! I try to remember that “I may be slow, but at least I’m lapping everyone still on the couch!”

BoroDash – Thanksgiving 2010

I have a 5k next weekend, then a 4 mile run on Thanksgiving Day. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to push myself! I noticed during the Komen for the Cure race, I was able to run for the majority of the first mile but didn’t run again until after mile 2. I need to work on sticking to the running intervals to get more running time in. That should surely help my pace.Goal: next 5k – 44 minutes.

I am also going to try to only compare my running to other races I have done – not other people. I’m in much better shape than I was this time last year. That is a success for me. I will concentrate on my small victories rather than getting frustrated.

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