Walking to Cure Diabetes – October 8, 2011

My mom and I had a wonderful morning at the Walk to Cure Diabetes. We got there early to enjoy the pre-walk events. There was live music, healthy snacks to have, massages and lots of volunteers with free samples to share.  It was a 1 mile walk, but I did a second lap for a total of 2 miles. I wanted to walk slow with my mom on mile 1 since she is older and not in as good shape for longer distances. So, I didn’t worry about my pace for today’s event. It was more about being there to support my mom and enjoy the day. It was a fun day and I am glad I participated in it.

Here are some pictures of our day:


Mom – finishing up the walk


Enjoying talking to the volunteers

Post walk massage! Ahhh!

Welcome to the walk from Kermit Brown from MTSU

My mom – She is a superhero!

It was a great day for a walk. I was very glad to do this walk with my mom. She did a great job!

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