Nashville Women’s Half Marathon & 5k

I was so thrilled to do this 5k over the weekend. The weather was just simply perfect for a race – it was in the high 50’s. Running through the streets of downtown Nashville was so much fun. I usually feel very awkward running but I felt more at ease during this race. I was able to do intervals of walking and running throughout the race but I kept the walking for the hills! There were several sections of hills that I didn’t train for. That was the hardest part for me. The race bibs had our first name printed on them which seems brilliant to me. People cheering along the streets would actually call out your name and cheer your on! Also, hearing my name announced as I passed the finish line was just awesome. I was greeted at the finish by service men awarding me with my 5k medal. I loved it! My husband was also waiting for me to cheer me on as I crossed the finish. I hope he knows just how much that meant to me. I’m so glad I decided to do this one. My official time was :49:34 which is under my most recent 5k time. Since there were hills involved, I felt that this is a great pace for me. I’m still slow, but I’m not stopping! The next 5k is on October 29th, where I will run in Komen Race for the Cure – one of my favorite races! I hope to finish that one closer to :45.

Below are a few pictures from the race.

Race tshirt

Picking up my race packet
race packet and bib
Good morning Nashville!

Women’s Half Marathon & 5k race start

We’re ready to run!
Along the course

I love the people cheering for us and their signs!

Bands playing along the race course!

I love my medal!

 I love the feeling of running across the finish line. There’s nothing quite like it. Am I obsessed with running? Maybe a little. Now I’m treating myself to day of relaxation to recover from my busy weekend.

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